How do you care for Laminate Worktops?

For general cleaning gently wipe the surface using either a damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent or non-abrasive cleaner diluted in warm water.

It is important to avoid using abrasive scouring powders, creams or polishes. It is always advisable to wipe off any spillages immediately. Persistent stains should be treated with white spirit. Whilst the surface will resist most household foodstuffs, including coffee and red wine, certain items such as shoe polish, dyes and nail varnish will stain. Gloss worktops need extra care to maintain the surface finish, wiping any inclusions will cause scratching of the surface.

Heat Resistance

Never place hot pans, dishes or objects from the oven or hob directly in contact with the laminate surface, this may lead to blistering or cracking. Care should also be taken with hot irons and cigarettes.

Impact Resistance

The laminate surface is resistant to impact and has been tested to EN 438 part 2. Any objects with sharp edges may cause surface damage.