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Hot Water Taps

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A hot water tap is a great choice for any modern kitchen. As its name suggests, a hot water tap provides near-boiling water on demand. Reaching temperatures of up to 98° C, the tap uses a tank under the sink to store water. The water can also be filtered, letting you enjoy your water at the optimum purity – please see our range of 3 in 1 AND 4 in 1 taps here.

In this article we’ll discuss the advantages, costs and safety features, highlighting why a hot water tap from Kitchens InStock could be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

What are the advantages of a hot water tap?

As well as looking sleek and stylish next to the sink, it also offers benefits in terms of water and energy usage (see another informative article from Which? here). By turning on a hot water tap for cooking or a cuppa instead of boiling the kettle, you only use the amount of water you need and don’t waste energy boiling up more than required. It saves time, as the hot water is instant, and can even cut down on electricity costs. Not only does a hot water tap make complete sense in a domestic home but also has major benefits in a small office too.

Here at Kitchens InStock we currently have 2 UK based suppliers of hot taps:

How much do they cost?

It’s a common misconception that hot water taps are ridiculously expensive. Initially, this was the case, however, these days there are many brands available on the market to suit most budgets making the hot water tap accessible to all. At Kitchens Instock, our hot water taps range from £360 – £1000+, and although this may seem pricey next to a £50 kettle, they are much more energy efficient than most kettles, with some brands claiming that the hot water tap only uses 3p of electricity per day, and as a nation of tea and coffee lovers, this is significantly lower than boiling the kettle every couple of hours.

Are they safe?

Safety is a key consideration when installing a hot water tap. Boiling water can be dangerous, regardless of the appliance you use. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your tap has the appropriate safety features. The taps use push-lever locking mechanisms to help avoid it being turned on unintentionally. The fact that the tap is fixed in place also means it won’t be knocked over in the way that a kettle or saucepan could be.


We hope you have found this article useful, why not check out our full range of hot water taps.