How to Measure a Kitchen Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is a useful addition to any kitchen, but you might not be sure which one is best for yours. In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the perfect one, as well as the other considerations surrounding them.

Choosing the right breakfast bar

The first step is finding the one that’s right for you. Our breakfast bars come in widths of 665mm or 900mm. We also offer ultra-thin breakfast bars. These offer a slimmer profile when compared to our standard models.

You must also consider the height and width of your kitchen units when making your choice. Our kitchen units measure 872mm from top to bottom and are 570mm deep. If you decide to use our kitchen units to support a breakfast bar, this means your overhang will vary significantly. 665mm breakfast bars offer an overhang of just 95mm, while 900mm models offer an overhang 0f 330mm.

How to measure a kitchen breakfast bar: Layout advice

Here are the standard measurement choices that KitchensInStock provides for breakfast bars:

•    Length: 3,000mm or 3,005mm

•    Width: 900 mm / 665mm

•    Depth/ Thickness: 40 mm

Evaluating your kitchen space

Now you’ve picked out a breakfast bar, you should consider how much space it takes up in your kitchen. Most of our breakfast bars are 3m long (though a few are slightly longer, at 3005mm). This then attaches at right angles to your kitchen worktop.

breakfast bar measurement guide

Think about where you want it to attach to your worktop, and make sure you can move around it easily. You should also make sure it doesn’t obstruct access to other items in your kitchen, like dishwashers or ovens.

Try using lengths of string or sheets of paper to mark out the footprint of the breakfast bar. This will give you a better idea of how much space it takes up.

The main thing to keep in mind is to avoid obstructing the kitchen triangle. Every kitchen has a triangle no matter the layout of your kitchen (L-shaped, U-shaped, Galley etc.) and obstructing this either leads to the space to get around the kitchen being too small or too large. If the work triangle is too large then it can make food preparation harder, as you have a longer journey from worktop to breakfast bar.

You can find dimensions for each breakfast bar on their respective product page.

breakfast bar stool measurement tips

If you want to use breakfast bars as a sit-down dining area, we recommend getting a wider breakfast bar instead of a narrower one. This allows you to place chairs or stools under the breakfast bar for ease of use. Aim for a gap of at least 20cm between the seat of the chair and the breakfast bar’s underside. Alternatively, you could invest in adjustable stools to suit different preferences.

If space is at a premium, you can use a support leg under breakfast bars instead. These come in either chrome or stainless steel and feature an adjustable foot to account for uneven floors. They also allow you to place thinner breakfast bars in your kitchen without issue.

Installing your breakfast bar

With the style and position of your breakfast bar confirmed, it’s time to add it to your worktop layout. Use these tips to help install your breakfast bar properly.

  Breakfast bars typically match the worktop they’re attached to. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install a breakfast bar as part of a wider kitchen redesign.

  Attach worktops and breakfast bars using any available exposed edges.

  If you need to cut or trim breakfast bars, make sure to double check all of your measurements before cutting. We recommend wearing protective goggles and a face mask, since cutting laminate worktops produces a lot of fine dust.

  If you’re supporting your breakfast bars with a row of cabinets, you can attach them in the same way you’d attach a worktop. Drill into the breakfast bars through the cabinet support beams from the underside. Then use screws to connect the support beams to the breakfast bars.

  Once you’ve installed the breakfast bar, take care of it as you would a worktop. Wipe it down after use with a kitchen cloth and mild detergent. You should also avoid cutting food directly on the surface or leaving hot items in contact with the material.

  Our Earthstone solid surface products can be seamlessly joined to one another. Speak to a worktop fitting professional for more information.

With these tips to hand, we hope choosing and installing your breakfast bar is as simple as possible. To see our complete range of breakfast bars, click here.

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