Kitchen Ideas: Example Layouts

Kitchens are bound to become hectic work environments, and you want to make sure you’re using the space effectively for a stress-free environment. Read on for some examples of common kitchen layouts you can create for yourself! Or why not make it easy for your self and use our Free Planning Service?

Make sure to plan your kitchen carefully before making any orders: measure the space accurately, and don’t forget our base and wall units come in a variety of sizes. Accessories like our fillers panels will also help you to put any finishing touches on your kitchen.

Galley Layout


A galley layout arranges all your kitchen units along a single wall, and is one of our most popular kitchen ideas for where space is at a premium. For situations like this, you’ll want to prioritise the essentials: built under oven housing maximises space and built in fridges and freezers with appliance doors provide a neat and tidy feel to the layout.

Naturally you’ll need storage and food preparation areas: base and wall units are a necessity, while a bridging unit is ideal if you need a little more headspace.

Corridor Layout


A corridor layout features kitchen units arranged parallel to one another. As ever storage will be a priority, but the extra space might make things like larder units an option for bulkier items.

Don’t be afraid to use wall units against the back wall, and don’t forget the essentials like oven and appliance housing! Also allow for an extractor fan to preserve a clean, smoke-free environment.

L-Shaped Layout

l-shapedL shaped layouts are a creative use of tight spaces, and create an ‘L’ shape with the kitchen units, freeing up the centre of the room for things like dining tables.

A 950mm L base unit or 1000mm corner base unit will allow your units to continue around the corner uninterrupted: however consider how your appliances stand in relation to one another.

To make best use of the space, make sure you maximise the number of wall units as this will be prime storage space.

U-Shaped Layout


As the name suggests, this layout arranges your kitchen units in a U shape and is one of our most versatile kitchen ideas. Like the L-shaped layout it frees up a lot of space in your kitchen. The added space this layout potentially throws up also makes positioning your appliances correctly a must.

We hope our kitchen ideas have proven to be inspiring: feel free to mix and match, and customise your kitchen layout to your own requirements. With a little planning and consideration, you’ll be sure to create a kitchen that’s perfect for you and your family!