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How to Measure Kitchen Worktops

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If you’re installing your own kitchen worktop for the first time, or you just want a handy overview while making your worktop choice, here’s some help on how to measure kitchen worktops and how to install them.

Kitchen Worktop Measurement Guide

To buy a kitchen worktop from kitchens instock, you only need to give the length and width measurements. Depth may be a factor for you, so it’s good to have an idea of this.

Worktop depths are set as standard, but there is also the option of ultra-thin worktops, so keep this in mind when measuring and selecting.

worktop measurement guide

Don’t get caught out by measurement mistakes

A square edge worktop is straightforward to measure. It’s just like the image above.

If you have an existing round edge worktop that you’re replacing, be sure to measure all the way up to the edge (not just the round section). What can help with is, is to cover the edge of the worktop with a piece of paper, then you can measure up to the flat edge of the paper.

Don’t get caught out by only measuring to where the round edge ends, you need the entirety of the worktop.

How to measure kitchen upstands

The general rule of thumb for an upstand is to go for a 7 cm high (or 70mm), 3m long and 1.2 cm (12 mm) wide one.

kitchen upstand measurement guide


For any kitchen that isn’t a galley type one, you’ll need to measure all walls for the upstand and possibly need to buy multiple upstands and cut them to fit your kitchen.



For a clean cut in corners use a circular saw when cutting the upstand to size.


Kitchen worktop installation tips


Now that you have your new kitchen worktop, here are some step-by-step tips on how to install it.

Remember to make sure to have two people lifting the worktop into position and to let your laminate worktop rest in the room for 24 hours before installing it:



Step 1: Check the fixing positions in the base unit

If you’re replacing a worktop, then you’ll want to check the clearance holes are still suitable for the new worktop.

We recommend having 3 clearance holes at the back and front of the base unit, so you may want to drill extra holes.


Step 2: Position the worktop

With two people lifting, place the worktop into position atop the base unit.

Be sure that it’s lined up tightly against the wall.


Step 3: Fit the worktop

The screw size and hole depth will depend on the overall size of your worktop.

A useful tip is to ensure to have between 12 and 14 mm space between the end of your screw and the very top of your worktop.


For example:

40 mm deep worktop with a base unit of 12mm means you have 52mm to work with. Using a 38 mm screw will mean you have 14 mm to spare before going through the top of your new worktop.



Wrap some tape around your drill as a marker to show when you need to stop drilling.


Step 4: Finishing Touches

Finish off the installation of your worktop by applying edging tape. You should only need to cut the length as if you’ve bought edging tape to match your worktop from KitchenInStock, then the height will already fit.


ColourFill Tips

colorfill product

Use ColourFill to seal and waterproof worktop joints. You can also use ColourFill for on-going maintenance with your laminate worktops.

Just select the matching colour of your worktop and if any repairs are needed, just apply ColourFill and continue to enjoy your stylish worktop.


If our guide on how to measure kitchen worktops has inspired you to do some DIY, then have a browse through our selection of worktops here.