Kitchen Appliances

Bring your kitchen to life like never before with our must-have cheap appliances

Kitchens InStock has something for every common kitchen task. A diverse range of kitchen appliances will also make cooking more pleasant than ever before.

Our selection of cheap kitchen ovens will make cooking any meal a simple task. Combine them with any of our hobs (gas, electric or ceramic) for a comprehensive cooking solution for your kitchen. Looking for a quick fix? No problem. Pick up one of our microwave ovens for a stress-free means of heating up your food.

Once you’ve started cooking, things are likely to get a little steamy. But our dedicated extractor fans make maintaining a clean kitchen environment easy! Great for internal or external venting, they remove unpleasant smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen.

After dinner, take care of the dishes with our spacious integrated dishwashers. Then, store the leftovers in our integrated fridges and freezers. Kick back with a glass of something special thanks to our dedicated wine coolers… and the next day, you can make a start on the laundry with our integrated washing machine and tumble dryer.

As an added bonus, all of our kitchen appliances can be combined with our Kitchens InStock appliance housings. Available as part of our Kitchens range, they let you seamlessly integrate appliances into any InStock kitchen. For a kitchen that’s ready for anything, check out our complete appliances range now!

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