Fridges and Freezers

Fridges and Freezers

Get this essential part of your kitchen today for a great price

Every kitchen needs a fridge/freezer, and Kitchens Instock’s are an excellent choice for your home. Each one combines great value with spacious, thoughtful design.

Our fridges feature adjustable wipe-clean shelves, letting you tailor the interior space to your requirements. A salad crisper lets you safely store any vegetables, preventing them from solidifying in the body of the fridge. Some of our models also include extras like wine racks and egg trays, to better store these specialised items.

Our freezers come with spacious compartments, letting you store plenty of frozen goods at once. Their frost-free feature also prevents frost from building up over time. This means you can access your drawers without issue.

All our fridges and freezers can be integrated into a kitchen layout with our InStock kitchen appliance housings. These will fit perfectly with our regular InStock kitchen units.

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