Kitchen Hobs

Choose the perfect hob for your home from our fantastic selection

The hob is a vital part of any kitchen, and our range of kitchen hobs offers fantastic choice. Whether you like gas-powered or want a modern ceramic hob, we have the perfect one for your kitchen.

You can keep it traditional in any kitchen with a gas option. Ours feature auto-ignition features and removable pan supports. These make them easy to keep clean and hygienic. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, our electric and ceramic hobs are a great choice. They feature electric operation and smooth wipe-clean surfaces. This ensures that they are excellent low-stress cooking options. Ceramic hobs also feature residual heat indicators. These ensure you don’t burn yourself by accident.

Whatever your choice, a hob from Kitchens InStock is a reliable, great value choice. Browse the complete collection of our hobs below!

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