Laminate Worktop Upstands

Give your kitchen worktops that little extra style and coordination with our laminate worktop upstands.

At Kitchens InStock we pride ourselves on our quality kitchen worktops. Each one features robust construction and an attractive finish. They’re perfect for both modern and classic kitchens… and with our matching laminate upstands, they’ll look more stylish than ever before! Use an upstand to create a pleasing transition from worktop to wall; they are a must for ensuring your kitchen look fantastic.

Our worktop upstands consist of a thin piece of material that attaches to your kitchen wall where it meets the worktop. Each one is perfectly matched to one of our laminate worktops, and also features the same wipe-clean, non-porous covering. This means that bacteria cannot thrive on the upstand, and liquids or food won’t stain or seep into the surface. You can keep it clean by wiping it down with a damp dishcloth and a mild kitchen cleaner.

Browse our full range of upstands below, and give your kitchen the added flourish it deserves!

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