Laminate Splashbacks

Laminate Splashbacks – Bring Any Kitchen to Life!

Our laminate splashbacks are a stylish and practical choice for busy kitchens.

At Kitchens InStock, we offer many attractive products for your kitchen. From worktops to cabinets, sinks to taps, it’s never been easier to create the perfect look for your home. But creating the perfect kitchen goes beyond the obvious. You can create a truly unique kitchen- and expand its functionality- with accessories such as our versatile laminate splashbacks. They’re now available in a range of gorgeous colours to suit any taste.

A splashback is a thin piece of material with a wide area. Featuring a wipe-clean surface, splashbacks protect your kitchen walls from stray food splashes when cooking or preparing food. They are most effective when you install it around busy areas of your kitchen; the cooker area is the obvious choice, but splashbacks are also effective around food preparation areas such as your kitchen worktops.

Our laminate splashbacks feature the exact same patterns as our laminate worktops, meaning they will match them perfectly. Attach them to the wall where it meets your worktops for maximum effect, or at the level of your cooker’s burners/heating zones.

Each laminate splashback also features the same laminate covering. This covering is heat-resistant and non-porous; it is immune to extremes in temperature and will prevent water and bacteria from seeping into the material. When you need to clean the splashback, you can simply give it a wipe down using a damp dishcloth and mild disinfectant or kitchen cleaner. This ensures that your splashbacks stay looking their very best, and free of bacteria.

With a kitchen splashback installed in your home, you will be able to use your kitchen in total comfort. Browse our complete collection of below and get the perfect look!

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