Waste Disposal Units

Waste Disposal Units

Get rid of your food waste quickly and easily with these discreet appliances

Waste disposal units are an exciting new addition to British kitchens. A mainstay of the American home, a waste disposal is a safe, simple and eco-friendly way to dispose of your food waste.

The waste disposal unit sits under your kitchen sink. Turn it on and feed food waste (such as eggshells or vegetable peelings) into the plughole. The waste disposal then throws the food against a stationary grind ring inside the unit. None of our waste disposal units use spinning blades, making each one a safe and efficient kitchen appliance. Once broken down into tiny chunks, the food waste gets flushed away with the rest of your water, stopping it from going to landfill.

We provide several different models of waste disposal unit on the Kitchens InStock website. Each one suits a different level of usage, meaning you can pick the perfect one for your home.

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