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Boiling Water Tap Collection

Bring this exciting kitchen innovation into your home

A boiling water tap is a great choice for modern kitchens. It allows you to save time waiting for the kettle to boil. It also ensures you only use the water you need when cooking.

As its name suggests, a boiling water tap provides near-boiling water on demand. Reaching temperatures of up to 98° C, the tap uses a tank under the sink to store water. The water can also be filtered, letting you enjoy your water at the optimum purity. To ensure your safety, the taps use push-lever locking mechanisms which prevent you from accidentally turning the water on.

We provide several different models of boiling tap on the Kitchens InStock site. Choose from dedicated taps that just dispense boiling water, or all-in-one taps that dispense cold, hot or boiling water as needed.

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