Abode Aquifier Filter Cartridge

Abode Aquifier Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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Abode Aquifier Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Though tap water is safe to drink, the chlorine taste associated with it can be pretty unpleasant to some people. If you’re one of them, an Abode Aquifier filter cartridge might be just what you’re after.

Using a chemical process called adsorption, the Abode Aquifier filter cartridge removes harmless substances dissolved in your water, resulting in a better taste for you and your family. Great for cooking or drinking, the Abode Aquifier filter cartridge will soon become an indispensable part of your kitchen routine.

The replacement cartridge is attached to your plumbing: it has a 5600 litre life and must be replaced periodically to maintain effectiveness. In practical terms, this means we recommend replacing the cartridge every 6 months or so. Households with large families, very frequent water usage or very hard water may need to replace the cartridge sooner.

This Abode Aquifier filter cartridge is designed for use with Abode Aquifier taps and Swich water filter diverters.

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Abode Aquifier Replacement Water Filter Cartridge