Colmar Oak Colorfill Worktop Joint Sealant, Adhesive and Filler with Cleaning Solvent | CF056


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  • Bond & Seal Your Worktop Join Against Water
  • Colour Specific Adhesive Means Join is Invisible
  • Includes Cleaning Solvent For a Clean Finish
  • Can Be Used For Minor Laminate Repairs

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The Perfect Finishing Touch!

Wilsonart laminate worktops are a fantastic choice for many kitchens. Each one comes with a non-porous surface, easy to clean surface and a great price. It’s also possible to create a seamless run of laminate worktops. Use Colorfill adhesive to connect worktops and create a hygienic seal between each one.

We provide a matching Colorfill sealant for every laminate worktop on the InStock website. Colorfill is an adhesive specially designed for use with laminate worktops; a trusted name for over 25 years. Use it to seal the join between matching laminate worktops.

The finished join is almost invisible to the eye, protects the joint against water and domestic detergents, and prevents germs from thriving in (or on) the work surface. It also withstands heat and direct sunlight, letting you use the worktop with comfort anywhere in your kitchen. Colorfill is also suitable for minor repairs to your worktop. Simply apply a thin layer of Colorfill to any scratches and chips on the surface, and it preserves the worktop going forward.

Use this Colorfill adhesive with our Colmar Oak worktops. We also supply a cleaning solvent with each one. To learn how to apply Colorfill to your worktop, simply watch the video below.


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