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Insinkerator Evolution 200 Waste Disposal Unit

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The InSinkErator Evolution 200 waste disposal unit is an invaluable piece of hardware. Installed under the kitchen sink within the plughole, it is used to dispose of food waste such as vegetable peelings: simply turn on the cold water and feed each piece of food waste into the waste disposal’s flange, which replaces your plughole. Food is ground down into tiny chunks, which are then harmlessly flushed away.

The InSinkErator Evolution 200 is the most powerful model of waste disposal that InSinkErator offers, and is suitable for very busy households. It comes with a built-in air switch for easy activation and two-stage grind technology for finer grinding, allowing it to tackle even the toughest of foodstuffs.

Using a waste disposal unit such as the InSinkErator Evolution 200 has some big benefits: it cuts down on the rubbish you throw away and disposes of food waste in a convenient and environmentally friendly fashion, as well as doing it all quickly, quietly and efficiently. And don’t worry: like all our waste disposal units, the InSinkErator Evolution 200 is perfectly safe to use. Rather than a series of spinning blades, the waste disposal uses a spinning disc, designed to throw food against a stationary grind ring within the housing. This breaks the food down into tiny chunks, which in turn are sent down your wastewater pipe… and into your septic tank or local treatment plant.

Discreet, convenient and easy to install, the InSinkErator Evolution 200 will be a fine addition to any kitchen. Waste disposal requires connection to a mains socket to work.

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Insinkerator Evolution 200 Waste Disposal Unit