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InStock 3m Rigid 5″ Ducting Kit in White | IS7219W

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This extractor fan ducting kit is designed for use with our cooker hoods. Using powerful fans built into the unit, a kitchen cooker hood will remove smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen during food preparation.

Cooking is by necessity a messy business. Steam and smoke from cooking food can create an unpleasant working environment and fill your kitchen with nasty smells. It might also trigger smoke alarms, creating an even more stressful environment.

A cooker hood solves that problem elegantly and efficiently. Installed over your oven and hob, the cooker hood will remove steam, smoke and so on with extractor fans. Available in a range of different styles, it’s a fantastic addition to modern kitchens; you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

An extractor fan ducting kit is attached to the top of your cooker hood. It allows you to send your kitchen’s smoke and steam outside, as opposed to filtering the air internally. Ducting kits are suitable for use in houses and some apartment buildings, dependent on space and the position of the cooker relative to the window.

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, we recommend using our carbon filters, to circulate the air internally.


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InStock 3m Rigid 5″ Ducting Kit in White | IS7219W