Ultra Thin Worktop Buying Guide

At Kitchens InStock we’re proud to provide worktops of all shapes and sizes. One of our latest product ranges is Zenith ultra thin worktops. A popular choice for any modern home. In this buying guide, we’ll take you through the various options available, and show you how to get the very best from an ultra-thin worktop.

What is a Zenith ultra thin worktop?

Manufactured by Wilsonart, Zenith is a new line of ultra-thin worktops. They are just 12.5mm thick and have a similar hardwearing laminate surface as our laminate worktop range.

A Zenith worktop in situ

Despite its thinness, Zenith worktops are extremely sturdy. The material won’t bend or buckle once installed. This gives you a reliable work surface that’s super-stylish and sleek to boot.

How do ultra thin worktops compare to other worktops?

Zenith worktops are much lighter than other laminate worktops.

Our Brasero Zenith worktop, for example, weighs just 33kg, while our Colmar Oak laminate worktop weighs 55kg.

How to install an ultra-thin worktop?

The installation process is very similar to a standard worktop. It’s mainly the thinness that needs to be considered, so be cautious when drilling.

We’ve collected some worktop installation tips in our worktop measurement guide. And don’t forget, we also sell dedicated Zenith ultra thin installation kits.

If you need to cut your worktop or would like some tips on joining seams, then watch these handy videos from worktop manufacturer Wilsonart:

Cutting an ultra-thin worktop:

Jointing a Zenith worktop:

Although the zenith worktops are ultra-thin, we still recommend that two people lift and place the worktop.

What finishes are available?

Our Zenith ultra thin worktops come in six different finishes. This ensures you can pick the perfect one for your kitchen.

12.5mm Brasero Wilsonart Zenith Upstand (L)3065mm (D)95mm thin worktopThe Brasero ultra thin worktop features a dark, matt textured wood-effect surface. It’s an excellent choice for pairing with natural wood-effect kitchen units. The shaker and slab doors are both great companions for this worktop and its matching accessories.

12.5mm Caldeira Wilsonart Zenith Upstand (L)3065mm (D)95mm thin worktopThe Caldeira ultra thin worktop comes with a matt textured granite finish and a subtle texture. A pale grey kitchen unit will complement its earthy tones.

12.5mm Magma Wilsonart Zenith Upstand (L)3065mm (D)95mm thin worktopThe Magma ultra thin worktop has the same rich, dark surface as its namesake. With its matt textured concrete effect, it’s an excellent choice for adding some subtle visual interest to any kitchen. Try pairing it with a wooden cabinet for a pleasant combination of natural tones. A more modern unit (in grey or white) is also a good match.

12.5mm Rouille Wilsonart Zenith Upstand (L)3065mm (D)95mm thin worktopThe Rouille ultra thin worktop comes with warm, earthy colours and a satin textured granite effect. Wood effect kitchen units will bring out the colours of this worktop perfectly.

12.5mm Topia Wilsonart Zenith Upstand (L)3065mm (D)95mm thin worktopThe Topia ultra thin worktop features a matt textured woodgrain effect. It’s ideal if you want to lend your kitchen a softer, warmer feel. A white kitchen unit may also provide an attractive contrast to it.

12.5mm Woodstone Grey Wilsonart Zenith Upstand (L)3065mm (D)95mm thin worktopThe Woodstone Grey concrete effect ultra thin worktop is perfect for keeping your kitchen on the cutting edge of style. Its satin textured concrete effect is an excellent choice for ultra-modern kitchens. Pair it with white or slab kitchen units for maximum impact.

How do I care for my Zenith worktops?

Like all our worktops, Zenith worktops feature a robust non-porous surface. This prevents bacteria, liquid and other contaminants from seeping into the surface and damaging it.

This makes maintaining a Zenith ultra thin worktop super easy. Just wipe it down with a dishcloth and a mild detergent. You can prolong its life further by avoiding the use of sharp knives on the surface. You can also use a potholder or chopping board to protect the material from damage by excessive heat.

What accessories come with this worktop?

The Zenith ultra-thin range includes stylish accessories with the same laminate finish and thinness. This means you can spread the ultra-modern Zenith style throughout your kitchen!

Our Zenith ultra thin breakfast bars feature the same style and thinness as their matching worktops. This makes them an easy way to expand your worktop space. As their names suggest they’re perfect as a dining area in your kitchen, or simply as additional worktop space.

Zenith ultra thin splashbacks are an elegant way to protect your walls from stray food splashes. Place them around your cooker or other high-activity areas of your kitchen, and wipe them down after use quickly and easily thanks to their laminate surface.

Zenith ultra thin upstands give that charming finishing touch to any stylish or ultra modern kitchen. They create a pleasing transition between the walls and the worktop.

With stylish design and easy upkeep, a Zenith ultra thin worktop is an excellent choice for your kitchen. Click here to see the complete range of Zenith worktops and accessories.

Kitchens InStock recently completed a Zenith project with Louisa De Paola Interiors, based in Sheffield, Yorkshire .

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